The Importance of Play for Children

The most important thing a child will do is play! This play can be structured sometimes, but the freedom to make choices is a fantastic activity for children. Children are born with some innate abilities, but they are mostly blank slates. They must be allowed…

6 Ways for Children to Exercise During COVID-19

Children need exercise and movement. Being cooped up in the house can make them less active by default. As parents, we must insist that they continue to move and get plenty of exercise. We are often at a loss for how to do this when…

Neuroplasticity in Before and After School Care

Did you know the brain can change? There is a new word sweeping through the learning community – neuroplasticity. Essentially, neuroscientists have proved that the brain is not a static organ. It does not stop development with age, and it can literally change shape in…

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